Women currently face many racism issues but are not aware about it due to the lack of media attention. Yesterday while I sat down with a couple of girls from different parts of the world, it became known to us how important it is to change this and how we need to be the change. I had written an essay about the issues but while as we talked, we all came across new issues that we had not realized were also major problems. Among them, we said that one of the big problems were that women lack confidence, they are afraid of being successful because they are constantly brought down by men. They’ve been taught that everything they do is wrong therefore anything new they automatically relate it to failure. The solution would be to talk to these women and teach them to trust again, that everyone is smart and destined to be successful. Another problem we talked about was that many men trust each other very much, but women don’t. They are constantly jealous and we defined the term as “catty.” Not only do they try to be the best but sometimes they stab friends in the back by taking away anything boyfriends and jobs in order to become better than the others. They think it makes them better but it actually makes them inferior because soon they become those women who fight dirty and not with abilities. Our solution was to unite women, in order to be stronger than men. Our last issue was that women don’t realize they have other abilities that men don’t have and can’t have because they don’t have the mother instinct. Therefore, we must work with men side by side and not behind them.