In the past decades women have raised their voice to be heard, have achieved important leadership roles that have shown everyone their capability, but moreover, they have taken the challenge to be an agent of change in the world. It is of great relevance for us, women from different countries, cultures, and ideologies to study the role of women as change agents. We must learn the leadership roles the world is opening to us depending the place where we come from. Maybe there will be countries where women are more active or have better opportunities to take this chance but it does not matter. The thing that matters is that we take those chances to start opening the way to others. The most important aspect to take in consideration is to really believe that women are change agents in the society where she belongs, the situations she deals with, and moreover that she has the abilities that will be needed to overcome the eventual challenges.

The most important issues that women are facing today are the lack of equal opportunities and the idea of underestimating women´ skills. First, there is an inequality regarding the opportunities women can have in leadership roles. Sometimes, men are preferred over women. Even, there are countries where women with the same job as men earn less money. Even, when women try to open a company by themselves it is very difficult get a loan because it is believed that sooner or later she will have children and will not be able to deal with both responsibilities.

This leads to the second issue which is the idea of underestimating women´ skills. Women are not seen as capable of dealing with important roles where they have to take quick and serious decisions. It can be from an executive role in an important company and, political role to having a voice in a rural community or a tribe. Women are seen as weak, and in many stereotyped countries for example in Latin America women are seen as the “housekeepers” of the family. They should not work if it is not in their home with her children, the famous “machismo”. Women are talented, skilled and capable of doing great things and even though there has been an upgrade in opportunities there is a lot more way to go.

I believe that the role young female are facing with these issues is to keep preparing ourselves by studying, getting involved, demonstrating, raising our voice, do not fear, and fight for the ideals we have. This will end up showing the society and the country where we belong that women are capable of having important leadership roles. Women have the abilities to lead because we have wonderful ideas, different vision and great skills to be an agent of change wherever we are.

We NEED to believe in ourselves!! That´s the only way to achieve what we have dreamed.

We NEED to believe in ourselves in order to be the agent of change the world is expecting!

We NEED to take away the sheet that is covering us, that does not let us be who we want!