One of hip-hop greatest female artist Lauryn Hill writes the following in one of her famous songs forgive them father “If your looking for the answers, then you’ve got to ask the questions.”

Why are women more than half of the population in the world but are not equally represented in the governing bodies across the nation? To put the matter in perspective in the U.S. 33% of women graduate from college with a business degree and only 16% of women are in top executive positions. In politics, women make up 50% of the electorate but only 16% of congress. In education, 50% of college graduates are female (this percentage is increasing), and only 25% of them hold full time tenured professor positions and only 20% are Presidents of a university/college. In the world only 6% of women are world leaders. It just doesn’t add up.

The question I ask myself is why have we continued to allow this one-dimensional thinking of leadership thwart our growth as a fast pace and changing society? There are many women in today’s society that are very much taking advantage of the increase in women’s rights all around the world. In the United States there are a larger percentage of women attending universities then men, more women are participating in politics, and an ever-increasing number of women hold managerial positions at local, regional and national businesses. Despite the vast improvement I truly think that there is more that can be done to bring gender differences to an equilibrium. It is said that if we allow the statistics to move on its own over time, women would not achieve equality till another century! Equality is eminent and needs to come sooner. On the road to achieving an equilibrium a huge emphasis should not be placed only on policy/law, but emphasis should also be placed in removing the cognitive biases and predispositions placed in our own minds as well as the minds of many women in the world. The goal is to get women thinking that an equilibrium is achievable and to take advantage of those rights /policies/ laws that are  put in place for us to advance in the world.

So my challenge to the women and men is to educate yourself about the inequalities that women face in leadership as well as other aspects of life and internalize what you can do to change these inequalities, starting on the inside and ending on the out.

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