It is hard to ignore the women issues that are still present in the world we live today. It has not been an easy way for women to get to the top, but nonetheless in some countries women have been pioneers and leaders in many different branches of their industry. Studying woman as change agents is something essential as a women for personal growth, and from there to transmit these learning’s into something positive that can make an impact, big or small, in our city and country and hopefully beyond that.

Women throughout history have struggled to be at the top, and in early history they even struggled to have a voice of their own. But we wouldn’t be here today as a women where we are today. It had to start with a small action and becoming into greater movement. Women began believing in themselves. We have to have a voice of our own to get to where we want to go, to make the impact that will help the voiceless.

Today we live in a world where in most places women have rights, but we also live in a world where these opportunities aren’t a global thing. Where women cant vote, drive, or even feel safe in their own homes. And I believe those are the most important issues we, as women’s, are facing today. Women are consistently being affected by violence, treated as sex slaves and forced to do things they don’t want to do. These women don’t have the opportunity or power to get out of the situation. And I strongly believe that education is the base to this problem, I feel that if women were provided with education from an early age and had the opportunity to have a career, these problems would be diminished. But nonetheless there are places where the problems are everywhere, with their parent in their homes, to the government itself.

Women rights around the world are an important indicator to understand global well-being. But despite many successes in empowering women, many issues still exist in countless areas, from economic, cultural to political. Gender discrimination affects girls and women during their life. A clear example of this is in the working environment. This isn’t something exclusive to developing countries; we can see this problem in every country.

However, these advances have yet to translate into great equality in employment, politics and social relations. In some countries religion or tradition have been used as barrier for equal rights, for example, honor killings directed at women in Pakistan have been carried for the smallest reason. Even some governments have not been living up to their promises under the Women’s Convention to protect women from discrimination and violence such as rape and female genital mutilation.

It is fundamental to know about this subject in order to do something that can be transcendent. We need to stand up and have our voices heard and represent those who don’t have one. Gender inequality should not be a problem we have to face today, but since it is we need to act on it and do something about it.