Why should we study Women as Change Agents?
I applied to this program to improve my personal development and I feel that is the first step and reason why we should study “Women as Change agents”—to learn about ourselves, our challenges, our strengths and as women how we can take our gained knowledge to improve our community. As Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” He calls all human kind and in this instance woman to take action within ourselves to improve our situation and it begins with knowledge, which will give us the power to confront the difficult situations we live and have the courage to change ourselves to move forward. Personally, I aspire to be someone who has the conviction and sensitivity to lead others.

In our 2nd day adventure of “Women as change agents” I have already learned about the internal skills that I have and how I can help cultivate them with wisdom I need to help transform the community in which I live in and guide the people I work with.

On the first day of “Women as Change Agents” we had many activities planned to help us further our knowledge to understand the HOWS of BEING a CHANGE AGENT. The day went a little like this:

  • Introductions—name three leadership characteristics that you are known for.
    • “Hi my name is Yesenia and I am motivated, humorous and driven!!”
    • Women Cafes—lets talk about what is important to women:
      • What are the issues facing women today?
      • What should be the role of young women in facing/solving these issues?
      • Who are your top 3 female leaders?
      • Introduction to Women Leadership in the world—where we stand.
      • Discussed United Nations: Millennium Development Goal: Promoting Gender and Equality and Empowering Women—Presentation by Jiesselinde L. Gonzalez
        • As women, we have the SPIRITUAL INTERNAL POWER to get up no matter how many times we fall. We are SUPER WOMEN!! 

Looks like busy agenda? Indeed it was, but over all it is most exciting for me to meet many WOMEN LEADERS that we have in this YOUNGER GENERATION. We are at a time where we as the young leaders must use our RESOURCES and EACHOTHER for SUPPORT and MENTORING one another and those to come. We see there are many women in influential positions; they are appointed into government and as senior advisors to presidents, more and more women are enrolling in our graduate schools of law and business, more women are in CEO positions and in higher education leadership positions. This is terrific, but there is still a bigger fight and to win, we must join in solidarity this means we cannot be successful ourselves and call it quits, we have to fight for our sisters—the mothers of our growing community, our future is in the hands of making it better for our women.