Why should we study women as change agents? Why should we accept the world we live in now when it is apparent that we have the ability to make this world a better and more just place? Women represent at least half of the population of the world, so why is it so difficult for our voices to be heard? These are pressing questions that not only need an answer, but deserve an answer. Women can make a difference, make a change. And with perseverance, determination, and support from fellow women who support our ideas, women have the power to make this change a reality for today, tomorrow, and the futures of all generations of women to come.

Through the last couple of days of inspirational women speakers from all different places and perspectives, perhaps the most important idea that I have gained is the fact that women have unique qualities that should be embraced and celebrated such as empathy, sensitivity, passion, and spirituality. With the utilization of these qualities women not only have the tools to empower themselves, but also other minorities and people in need around the world. I believe that the quality that drives women most of all is their spirituality and passion for the things that we love. Women have the ability to see deeper into situations which provides a much different perspective to the way these situations are seen in society. With this new way of looking at things, it becomes clear that there is a need for change and through our passion and spirituality for our beliefs, values, and visions, we can make this clear to the rest of the world. Listening to the women speakers who have inspired me in the past few days, I have found that the road won’t be easy. There will be rough patches, people will tell us that we are unrealistic and our ideas and passions are not worth pursuing, but that shouldn’t and won’t stop us. These women have showed me through their experiences that you truly can rise from the ashes and reach the top of the mountain, and when you feel as if you are alone you should always know that there, right behind you, even if you can’t always see them are thousands of other women who believe in you and your goal.

A young woman speaks passionately to others about her beliefs and ideas. Image retrieved from:http://www.thp.org/what_we_do/program_overview/empowering_women

We should stand courageous in our visions and goals, weather the storm, and we will succeed. We should be the light that so many women need, the inspiration that they too can lead and survive. We should be an example for our children and their children, showing them the importance of embracing women’s qualities and the value they have in society. We should show them that they can make a difference, become a change agent. Their voice is unique and powerful and has so much to contribute to a better world. We should teach them to fight for their dreams, their beliefs, their goals; to not let anybody stand in their way. We should embrace men also in our revolution for change and build a partnership with them to create an amazing world.

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