This time we live in is highly characterized because of progress and development, open-minded thinking and societies that look to keep moving forward. In order for this to happen man as well than woman have participated in many ways and led things to where we are. But, can we say both gender have had an equal participation? The answer without hesitation would be no. It only takes a simple research to know how left out have been women trough important matters of human history.

Certainly women have made great progress and day by day are improving their positions in political, economic, business and all kind of society sectors, but why is that women have to fight for their rights? Why they don’t come implicit with the fact that they are members of society just as much than man?

Our cultural references have told us all along that women are meant to get married, stay at home and take care of the family, and even though times have changed, women now study, work, and have diversified their tasks, we are all still attached to that image.

That strong cultural reference is the main issue women face today. As a woman we are not only often cornered to choose between our family and our professional aspirations, but restraint to obtain same opportunities than man. To succeed in our career we have to fight harder than them for a job because our capacity is already in question, even by us. We haven’t believe we can take the lead in any position we want to, and even if some women have accomplished to succeed professionally, most of us just back down.

It is a fact that institutions have to change in order to assure gender equity, and there is a long way to go in that point, but no structural changes matter if we don’t start to trust our selves as a real equal than man. The only way we can fight for our opportunities and work for them to happen is to make a stand and truly believe in it.

Once we have acknowledged this, young women must spread the word. It is our time and duty to start breaking cultural patterns that unable woman to do anything. We understand the work that has been done for others and we can see what we need to take it from there. The road is set, it is ours to keep constructing.

We must recognize there is no one’s job but ours, the ladies who want to enjoy equity gender and didn’t get it for granted. It is necessary we canalize our professional aspirations not just for our own success but to end gender unfairness, this means becoming shakers of the change we need, promote political views in favor of women, push structural changes in companies, preparing our selves with proper capacitation in the subject and actually get the work done.

As soon as we see our value, build up our self-esteem and become the women we really want to, we will accomplish all of our dreams.

Ana Gabriela Ramírez L.


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