What is a leader? It might seem like a simplistic question, it is someone that directs or is in charge of a group of people.  And yet, a leader is so much more, he/she is what moves a country, movement, business or group forward.  I believe a leader is a person who through their knowledge, skills, and charisma, inspire and motivate people to believe in themselves, to believe that there is a better way, to believe that  goals can be accomplished and progress achieved

Speaking of women today, is to talk about leadership, capacity and ability, sensitivity and power, women have understood the role that we can develop, that is not only being a housewife and taking care of her husband and children, it is to be a professional, to be a good leader of communities and causes for justice; it’s also being an entrepreneur and a politician leading social causes, always seeking and fighting for a gender equity no matter in what field we are.

Eleanor Roosevelt mentions: “ It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.” It all starts by ourselves, even the times have changed and we have big examples of women in the political, business, social and economic scenes, it does not generates anything if only they continue doing it, it is that you can also be the leader who seeks to change and transform the social environment in which we are right now and still don’t like; even though, we still have barriers to break down and goals to achieve.

“Women as change agents”, is not only a program for me, this would help me, developing my personal growth in many ways, to name a few: knowledge, focus, commitment, and personal challenges. Knowledge: because of the wonderful theoretical and practical tools I will learn. The course presenters are excellent and well regarded in their fields. Focus: all my energies will be concentrated during this program,in learning,   understanding, retaining and applying this new knowledge; Commitment: because with this new opportunity, comes the duty as a human being, a woman and a citizen, of sharing this knowledge, this new tools, and empowering others in my community.

Finally, I believe this program will help us focus our ideas into something material, not just to go and argue about whether something is right or wrong, is to generate conclusions and actions, on how we must, and can change our environment and situation, drenching of knowledge and leadership, that is what many towns, cities and countries need; actions, creations. Therefore, there are those who seek to be agents of change for our environment, the program will give us the necessary tools to develop the talent of leadership we have and maybe we do not know how to canalize it.