The study of Women as Change Agents is beneficial for young university students as it empowers us with the knowledge and the skills to put our ideas into action. The course will educate us on the differing countries and their issues facing women in their society. The most important issue facing women today, for me, is their representation and position in the work place. Even though the representation is now the most positive it has ever been throughout history in most cases, women are still being mistreated and misrepresented within the workforce. In order to solve these issues the young women of today should, by taking affirmative action on their own place within the workforce, become leaders of positive change within their community.

One major issue surrounding gender equality today is the representation of women within the workforce. There has been great moves towards fairness within the workplace in the past few years. For example, in Australia there is now a female Governor General, a female Prime Minister and female Premiers. Julia Gillard is Australia’s first female Prime Minister which displays the progression towards a fairer workplace for all. However, they are most certainly the exception to the rule. The majority of women who have the same position as males at a corporate level are still payed less and are subject to discriminatory behavior from their male counterparts. In addition, their skills are being underutilized even though there are a higher number of women leaving university with qualifications than men. The majority of women no longer wish to only be house wives as there is so much support now to be able to maintain a career and have a family at the same time. However, as the assumption is of the contrary there are fewer doors being opened for women in senior executive positions. It is time to change the way women are perceived in the workplace and the only way to do so is to start at the grass roots level. This program as it will give us the keys to creating a better understanding of the issues and ways to achieve our goals.

We, as young people, must work together on issues in our respective communities from a grass roots level as it has been proven that changing the policies alone cannot create a significant change. We also must understand the importance of advocacy for women’s rights from men. Without this, we will never achieve equality.

Issues will differ completely from other people’s opinion due to their country, beliefs, ages and backgrounds. This is why I think this program will be so beneficial for everyone involved. In addition, we will be creating an international network which will benefit our career opportunities and give us the ability to be updated on women’s rights in our respective countries. In summary, the representation of women in the workplace is a major concern for women’s rights and in order to change this we must begin with differing ideas but a united front.