“We need women who are able to use the pen as well as the pan”.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems women are facing nowadays is ignorance. They face a kind of unawareness that makes them responsible for several acts of discrimination; for example, they are protagonists of discriminative acts themselves, as well as passive observers.

There are many women leaders in our society; women that are confident, persistent, who have reached their goals and have earned the respect of others. However, there is something that distinguishes some leaders from others and this is the connotation they give to some values. We all have values, but some people look at them as ways to coexist harmoniously with others; on the other hand, some people put money, ambition and power as their main values and that is when some problems arise.

Due to the false beliefs that have been deep-rooted from generation to generation, many women have educated their male children with the idea that they are the heads of the households and are therefore not allowed to express their feelings; for example, they cannot cry and they are able to have a relationship with more than one woman by the mere fact of being men. For that reason, women often become the protagonists of such discrimination and promote sexism. This is due to ignorance, to the existing misconception about gender roles and, even though perhaps these ideas were rooted by our parents or grandparents, it is time to re-educate them and re-educate ourselves.

We should look after dignity and work hard to preserve it in our society. A woman who does not respect or believe in herself will not achieve her objectives, even when she has been blessed with great intelligence, when she has all the money in the world or when she has power over others. If a woman does not accept her weaknesses and strengths, and if she puts all of her confidence in what other people think of her, she would not make a change in herself, let alone in the world. Women must begin to create something, no matter what, just anything that makes them happy; something that motivates them to live and work for themselves and for others. Otherwise, they will be just another person in the world without a sense for living.

To study “Women as Agents of Change” is not only to meditate on what we should do or to ask ourselves “What if I…?”  It is to go beyond simply future thinking.  It is to start creating an action plan to help those women that, due to fear and ignorance, have been accomplice to sexism and violence and, for that reason, do not have the necessary tools to defend themselves. These women should be able to create new unrestricted paths in their lives.

Today, the role of young women must take into account the respect they should have towards themselves and towards others; as well as the way they value people and the way they want to be valued. The dilemma that many women are facing today is that they are becoming extremely feminist, but it is not about being feminist, but feminine.

We must fight for gender equality. What good does it make to a woman being successful and self- sufficient, if she does not have the support of her loved ones; especially a man with whom to work alongside. Men are not women’s competition; on the contrary, a healthy and harmonious coexistence might occur when women understand that men and women are not enemies and that together they can achieve better results. The job of the new generations of women is to educate others, especially children. A woman can struggle for a dignified job, but also for equality within the home, teaching their children mutual respect and the importance of both genders in our society. In these times of evolution, women are becoming every time more prepared and more successful, however we must not forget that a man is not the shadow of a woman, but someone who works beside her.

Finally, it is important for young people to seek a balance in all stages of their lives (spiritual, familiar, physical, social, intellectual and emotional). It has not value whatsoever if a woman achieves her personal objectives, but has not support and communication at home with no trust and ongoing conflicts. We must remember our affection towards us as dignified human beings as also towards to others. We should make the world turn around like many people have done. As Gandhi said, we should “be the change we wish to see in the world.”