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There is a problem with gender stratification. It is a global problem that many don’t find important or worth attention. This problem is most often affecting women around the world. They are unappreciated, overlooked and characterized as a minority group. They are almost 50% of the world’s population, why would they be looked as a minority group? Why are they the weaker sex? Women are predetermined to work at home and take care of the chores. Why can’t men take care of the chores? I’m not suggesting to exchange the roles, but I believe that as human beings, women have the right to do the same things men do, as well as men have the right to do the same things women do. I am talking about equality, somehow a global taboo that has passed for decades. It is a problem that apparently has been dealt by many nations, but the truth is it’s a natural prejudice that comes from generation to generation. It is taught by the society, and built in the heads of every global citizen. And in my opinion, that’s what we need to change.

People are taught different things around the world, and it depends on where they are to figure out how they treat women. In Latin America, for instance, boys are taught to be the man of the house, meaning the boss. On the other hand, girls are taught how to cook, clean the dishes, and wash the clothes. These types of lessons lead the boys to think they will control women and when they grow up they do so. Women think that they are just useful to do the house chores, so they become dependent, and there’s where they become the weaker sex. If this is normal for them because they’ve been taught so, they will keep transmitting the same ideals to their children.

Women, we need to TAKE ACTION!! It will certainly take time but I believe there is being some change throughout the years and it is because women are letting their voice be heard, and that’s a step forward. If women around the world are educating themselves, they will educate their children, and their children will educate the following generations and so on.

I personally believe that it is not just a matter of educating women, but men as well, because they are part of the problem. Everybody needs to understand the position in which women is today and the position in which women must be. The way to achieve this is to train younger women to be self-sufficient, independent and capable. The young women have to convince themselves that, as well as men, they have the ability to be leaders. Having said that, young women will be confident with their selves, and will surpass the limitations of the current world we are living in. They will be responsible of the young generations to come. These women will be the ones that will change the course of gender perception in the long run. Because of this, I believe, studying women as change agents is a drive for potential success. We need to start somewhere, after all, young women are the sources for change and it is up to them that the world progresses.