“Women had become the toy of war for over-drugged young militias. Sexual abuse and exploitation spared no woman; we were raped and abused regardless of our age, religious or social status. A common scene daily was a mother watching her young one being forcibly recruited or her daughter being taken away as the wife of another drug emboldened fighter”. Leymah Roberta Gbowee said these words in her speech when she received the Noble Peace Prize Award.

To read these words is hard, to see these words in action is brutal, but to live in this reality is unimaginable.

The women in Liberia lived this reality for many years while their country was at war. They’re suffering was bigger than them selves that they felt the need to do something about the situation they were living in. And this is how they began a movement bigger than their government, bigger than anything they could ever imagine. A movement based on decision, motivation, and anger yet love for their country, where no matter what religion, color, or status matter. Every woman came together for one purpose and one purpose only, peace.

Women are capable of doing whatever they want if they put their mind to it, and in this case they didn’t move from the fish market until the president took them into consideration and talked to them. They blocked the door passage until the men signed the peace agreement. These women were determined. Determined to end the war, end the suffering. And this determination came from all the blood that was laying on their soil, that came from the soldiers and rebels that were taking everyone that crossed their way.

These women were courageous to put their life on the line, and willing to do something that will help the future of their kids and grandchildren. During the transition they helped the experts, because no one knows the problems a country is facing like the people that live there. And these women were the one’s that knew what solutions were the one’s that would help, they played the roll they had always played; the mother, sister, daughter roll, which was the most effective one. Not only did they want peace in their country but went ahead and worked further to change the government and everything that they didn’t agree with and elected a woman president.