The topic I have chosen to focus on today is the lecture on political and social change. This lecture was very informative as it gave us the structure on how to implement change in our political and social realms. The documentary, Prey the Devil Back to Hell, was shown as an example of how women can rise up against conflict and work together for to improvement of their country and their lives. This documentary told us of the peace movement in Liberia against war and the rebel movement. It was very confrontational and emotional as it described the livelihood of Liberian people in such a distressing time and showed us how they overcame such adversity and conflict from the strength and perseverance of women.


The Charles Taylor government of Liberia in the early 2000’s were killing civilians and taking away people’s basic human rights. Some people say it was due to lack of money, poverty or the desire for power. But, for whatever reason, it was happening and there was no end insight. I found it so inspirational that the women of Liberia became the moving force on peace and freedom in this country. They began as a Christian movement. This then expanded to Muslims and Catholics. Before the war these women did not associate with each other. I believe this is a great example of when to move past our religious beliefs for the benefit of everyone’s livelihood.


The most influential part of the documentary for me was when the ladies asked the men that they knew to stop fighting and give up the war. The men that were at war had access to drugs, women and power, and to give this all up because their mums, sisters, friends, had simply ask them to do so showed an overwhelming sense of respect and admiration to these women. It just shows how much women do play a role in the community and with drive and courage, women can and will go to extreme lengths to fight for what they want and they will achieve it.