“The peace we want for our children and grandchildren begins with what we do today.”

Being afraid is normal, to feel anger is normal, to cry is normal, but do nothing to improve the situation, do not think it’s normal. We often say, “We live in a world full of problems,” but we do not think often about, “What am I going to do about them?” It is easy to give up, many people do it and then they say “it is impossible” and  you will not achieve what you want simply by the fact it did not succeed at first.

Today I watched a documentary called Pray the Devil Back to Hell where Leymah Gbowee, current winner of Nobel Peace Prize, was the responsible of the end of the civil war in Liberia in 2003. This woman fought every day to defend the rights of women in her country; a country ruled by violence, money and power, a country where children learned to use a gun instead of a book, a country where a lot of rebels bet the lives of people just because they wanted to kill, a country where change and the struggle of women desperate for peace and freedom were unavoidable. Both the army of Charles Taylor (former president of Liberia) and the rebels were killing innocent people without any consideration. Women were tired of living this situation, they could not continue watching their children grow up in a country where the suffering and fear were the food of every day, so they began to meet and make peace peaceful strikes. They were constantly rejected by their president; they were even ignored day after day for any man who belonged to any political office. Leymah Gbowee and women of Liberia continued to fight because they wanted peace and they would get it. Soon, Taylor was dismissed from office and thanks to the heroic Lebanese; a woman named Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was named president of Liberia for the first time.

There is a point in our life when we ask, “What can I do? We must be clear about our objectives, our priorities, discover what makes us happy and helps us fight every morning when we wake up, so we can fight for something that is worth knowing that, despite the fear we feel, there is something more important than this fear.

I do not want to wake up one morning more and be afraid for me or my family, I do not want women of my country continue to suffer because they do not have the same rights as men and, even less, I do not want to ask, “Why did I not do something to solve these problems when other women are struggling for peace in other countries?

These is not about fight against men but start working by his side for a better life, full of respect and fairness.