You don’t fully grasp the importance of women in society until you’ve seen or heard a true story of how much they influence one’s life.  They are underestimated and are shut down so they won’t be able to show their true colors. Today, we saw a touching and inspirational movie called “Pray the devil back to hell.” It wasn’t until today and after the movie that I realized my country’s present situation and how Mexican lives are being affected by the abuse of the drug lords.

The movie was about strong Liberian women who decided to take matter into their hands about the war in their country and put an end to everything. They began their journey by gathering at a Christian church, then uniting with the Muslims and ended in Ghana demanding the peace treaty to be signed. Women don’t realize how strong they are and how they can be when they unite, that ten voices crying are stronger than one voice.  This movie taught me many things like that women are stronger than man, they have a heart that’s so big that it forgives anyone and that we have emotions that men don’t. I am not saying we don’t need men, but in order for the world to work we need both man and woman to work together. By doing this, we can accomplish anything and go through anything as long as we stay united because we think about solutions that men can’t imagine or the other way around.

Mexico is currently going through a war for power from the government and the drug lords. Many families are suffering through various ways and have had to leave their homes, families and lives. There has been abuse, rape, kidnapping, assaulting and killing. Humans often block bad situations to prevent them from suffering and I believe I am one of those affected persons. Having an uncle who has been kidnapped, a cousin who has been robbed and many others with incidents, I have learned the hard way that Mexico is in a difficult position. I have gotten used to it but it should not be that way, we should live in a world where you do not know what a gun sounds like and where you only hear about deaths due to natural causes. After I watched the movie I realized how much a person, especially a woman can do to change a situation. We forget how capable we are, the power we have and the things we know that men can’t see.  It taught me that anything is possible as long as you believe and pursue your dreams. Nothing is impossible even if they say it and woman have the heart of a lion that can forgive even in the worst cases.