In the past four days, we have learned about “Women in Leadership” and “Women as Change Agents”. Yes we know that we are essential leaders to the wholeness of the world’s potential, yes we have a distinctive kind of leadership and yes we are VERY CAPABLE and COMPETENT to CHANGE the world as leaders. But how, how can women actually move the world by using their distinctive leadership skills and how can we transform our people to follow, not us, but the LOVE that we share? On Saturday, March 10, 2012 three exceptionally inspiring women ROCKED my WORLD by speaking about the tools that we will need to CHANGE the world!! From these three women, I learned three very important ingredients:

  1. Monica Bilbao—Understanding and Facilitating Change
  2. Claudine Gaston—Emotional Intelligence
  3. Paola Gomez—“DREAM BIG, START SMALL”<– CHECK OUT a Dream of the Wakami 

C=DxVxP>R=MASTER PLAN!! As change agents, we must have a plan— the whys, the whats, the hows and the why nots?

  • What is our current DISSATISFATION with our SITUATION: what is urgent or need for change?
  •  What is it that will make our state better? What is our VISION and do we see a better community with this vision?
  • What is our PLAN or PROCESS to carry out this change—whom will this change affect, who can help in the process?
  • What will be the REACTIONS/RESTRICTIONS to your vision and plan?

In all reality we need much support from within our community, and the way we get it is very important. The overall message or ingredient is to get acceptance or buy in from your community and the best way to do this is by allowing them to understand why it is important to them and most notably keep them involved in the process make it a group effort—capitalize on team effort because we cannot do this on our own!!

EMOTIONAL INTELLEGENCE: is a gift and art of identifying emotions in order to evaluate, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. I believe this is a gift that women carry with that makes us unique leaders and enables us to transform and harness our community. It is discovered by our feelings as we react to outside forces, it is transferred through our expressions and allows us to authentically guide others with the spirituality that is transmitted… USE IT!!!

DREAMS: Dream Big! Start Small! In order to create change, we must KNOW how to DREAM BIG! This is truly part of the formula, it’s our creation of a vision, it’s our plan, it’s our CAMPUS!! Our Dream is our ROAD MAP and without dreams we have no vision, no hope. This has been one of my favorite workshops—the DREAM WORKSHOP. We all gathered around in a circle and were instructed to sit down, take a paper and a crayon and get to work. “I want you to envision your dream by drawing it. What is it that you want, that if you had no barriers you can get no matter what?” This was very powerful because I dug deep real deep to the things that really bother me, the things that are emotionally important the things that affect my people, my family, and my life. And this is what I came up with. Enjoy 🙂