One of the greatest women of which I am proud as a Mexican citizen is a social activist Rosy Orozco. As a specialist in human trafficking with children and  woman led her to write the book called  “From Heaven to Hell” which describes the six horrible stories of victims that have been prostituted and lived through human trafficking in our country. These showed the reality of one of the most lucrative businesses in the last years.

Human trafficking is part of the biggest issues in Mexico combined with the insecurity in which the mafia cartels are over control. However Rosy Orozco keeps trying to give all the rigths to the innocent lives who have been kidnapped and rapped. She is the voice of thousands of people who do not have that voice due to the sex slavery sale.

Her leadership in Mexico City took her to participate in political elections thus obtaining a seat in the Mexican Congress as Deputy of District 2. Her passion on this issue and her sensibility for many people who suffered led her to  talk face to face with the rest of the deputies in Congress in order to support the creation of the Special Commission to Combat Human Trafficking which made her earn the presidency.

Admired by  Mexicans  for her fight against human trafficking and her perseverance and passion to give the people a  free life of violence.

She keeps working to consolidate human rigths as a part of the agenda in Mexico´s government. All these reasons are why I consider  Rosy Ocampo a good example  of agent of change