Enjoying nature is always revitalizing. This past Sunday our group went to Embera community in the jungle at the shores of Chucunanque river. We left for an early morning at 9 am from our villas at “City of knowledge”. Yes, it was hard to wake up, but it was totally worth it. After catching almost an hour and a half of power napping at the bus, we finally arrive at this beautiful landscape where you could see the river and what it seemed to be infinite fields of tropical nature.

 A couple of men from the local community received us to take us into these two canoes and navigate Chucunque’s waters. After an amazing route of magnificent nature we stopped to get into the actual jungle. We took an adventurous path where everywhere you looked around was just incredible. It wasn’t an easy way I must say, but it made it even more exciting. After going through all these ups and downs, rocks and trees we made it to the fall we were looking for, it was beautiful and refreshing, we took a dip in for a while and enjoy our selves at the place.

 We proceed to return to the canoes and take our way to the heart of the Embera community. When we touched land the ladies of the community received us with a handshake and welcoming us to the village. The locals clothing is so particular, men wear colorful skirts, necklaces and accessories, same as women who would just add longitude to their skirts, a top and flowers to their hair.

 One Embera guy talked to us about their community and explained their manners and activities, how their economic activity is the tourism, meaning the canoe travels and selling the crafts that women do. He talked to us also about their organization and beliefs, for what we proceed to enjoy our meal made by them, consisting in fish and fruit, while watching Embera girls dancing a traditional piece.

We couldn’t leave the place without getting one of the signatures of this community, tattoos. They have the practice of tattoo themselves with special ink they make and stays on for a little more than a week. Most of us decided to complete the experience with an exceptional and unique piece of evidence in our skin.

The thing we realized and respect the most about this community is that even though they have daily contact with tourism and outside people they still keep their traditions and way of living to show us a unique way of living.

An unforgettable Sunday at Panama City, and the journey keeps getting better.