The women that are dreaming big during the Women as Change Agents conference!

Dream big, take risks and immerse yourself in other cultures has been a common message during the Women as Change Agents conference.  It is important to set Big, Hairy, Audacious goals for ourselves because the bigger we dream the more we can conquer.  In French the word Power, poier, means “to be able.” As women we have the power to accomplish any goal if we really set our minds to it.  Laura Dekker is a great example of what confidence, tools and a big dream can become.

In class we learned that “power arises out of our being and our willingness to embrace it gives us the capacity to transform reality.” There is strength in all of us. Sometimes we have to dig deep within ourselves to find it, but it is there.  What allows this strength to blossom into something transformative is our willingness to accept the challenge. In August 2010, Laura set out to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe single-handed.

This journey took a lot of courage and the 14-year-old Dutch citizen faced a lot of opposition from government officials. The local courts initially ruled against her voyage, since Dutch law does not permit a captain younger than the age of sixteen to drive a boat longer than seven meters. Laura was born on a boat and spent her first 6 years of life at sea. By the age of six she owned her boat and sailed it herself. If anyone was qualified to accomplish this goal it was her. With the support of her family and the belief that she could do it, she did not let the government stand in her way and found a way to complete her dream.  In January of this year she became the youngest person to circumnavigate the world. What an education. She had a big dream, she took many risks and immersed herself in cultures all over the world. She is a living example that dreams can be achieved at any age.

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