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What an interesting weekend with the women of GLP WCA in Panama. We had a great opportunity to meet with amazing people and motivators that have share their stories with us, incredible stories that have influenced the lives of many others, including me.

Saturday I was thankful to meet a compatriot, Paola Gomez. She is a 24-year-old girl who’s a former GLPier, certified Life Coach and Program Coordinator at Chispas de Amor, a business based on dreams that connects women of rural communities with the global market. Chispas de Amor commercializes the brand Wakami in beautiful accessories that convey unique stories. All these accessories are designed by Paola and created by the women of Emberá-Wounan region in Rio Chico, Panamá.

Paola started working with these women in the community in 2011.  She explained it was a challenge; she had to gain their trust. As an innovative life coach, she conducted the Wakami workshop. This workshop consists of gathering in a big group and dream big. They learn to trust each other and share their dreams with the group. The goal is to think about what people want to achieve and realize that each one can achieve their dreams if they believe and commit to them. They realized they all have dreams and there’s no reason to not pursue them.

Paola led the Wakami workshop with us as well, and I understood several things:

– It’s just about having a dream to achieve something in life.

– It doesn’t matter if people don’t believe in you. It is enough if you believe in yourself!

– Persistence is a key to success.

– Teamwork is an important factor for success.

The Wakami workshop experience has motivated me to do something important for my community and myself. I thought about my hometown and the people. I thought about the issues and a way in which I can contribute to their education and their well-being. I believe this a process; a process that I’ve started by just having a dream!

I would like to conclude with this dream I heard. A dream everybody should embrace!

“I have a dream that all communities have houses, that all houses have a window, that from all windows a garden may be seen, that in all gardens there is a ball, that all balls belong to girls and boys that go to school, that all schools have PTA´s with mothers and fathers that work, that all those who work may reach markets, that markets multiply houses with windows, that in the new windows trees and birds multiply… So the sky may be blue and the sun bright for everyone!”

ImageDreams Workshop WCA Panama 2012