Life without a father would be unbearable but for Shukri Ismail it was only one of the many obstacles that life would put her through.  She was raised in a family of numerous members but those two problems did not stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse. Due to the civilian war, she went to the states to study nursing for which she had to basically pay on her own. During 1996 she made a quick visit to her country and was shocked by the position of where her country was standing. Therefore, she decided to move back and promised she would help her country. Her plan had 4 steps, to help with education, health, income and environment. This was a plan to restructure Somalia, because it would change the mentality of those studying by implementing new values. The health plan would help train people for traditional birthing attendants.  Then she would change the poor and orphan children by teaching them the power of learning. Lastly the environment would be making useful all of its resources and their income would come from objects made by the people. Shukri is an inspiration for me because she had a rough time from the start but she made the most out of it. Having a plan can change you by helping you organize your ideas into steps that you know people can follow.  She is an inspiration because she left her lifetime dream and replaced it with a dream that would change her country.  For women to put a stop on violence means she cares and I believe that in something in Shukri triggered her mother instinct to help mostly children and their futures. She is doing a change in many areas, many of which are the ones that I would dream to change or help.