After watching the documentary about women in Liberia it has impacted my life while participating in the Women as Change program. The Movie showed us a peace  movement that  begins to stop violence and  civil war in that country , this video that we saw at class today  taught  me what it takes to be a real woman leader,  to be a woman in this century is you must have the power, courage, sensibility and interior force to work, to protest, to fight  in a different way.

The documentary “pray the devil back to hell” directed by Gini Reticker showed the world the real history about the women of Liberia step by step,  we can see their figths, fears, sensibility, patience, energy and their courage to create a social movement and make a peace statment to stop civil war in their country and we can see how they  became more powerful when the women work together  dont care about religion or social status

They finally finished their misión when the peaceful settatment was sign and when they had the democratic election. A women was elected into the office of the presidency

Woman and man are so different we dont need the same leadership skills that the man has, bacause We can créate peace when  is a war, we can have a spiritual life  to take best decisions  that give us faith, we can do evertything that we want if we believe in ourselves as shown by the peace protest of the women of Liberia.

Their lives  strength, courage, passion, tenderness, has inspired my life to be a agent of change, to become a leader in my country to follow my dreams and never let them go.