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The 150 Fearless Women in the world are revolutionizing the way we do business, the way our institutions operate and are the ones risking their lives for a better tomorrow. When no one is watching, and when the world sits still in the middle of chaos we are in need of a different way to do things to be a WOMAN LEADER.

In Mexico—where violence is merciless and has transcended borders of gang driven streets to the streets where our children attend school, going from people dying from a bullet to cases where bodies are tortured and quartered and delivered to family members. It’s diabolic, insane, inhumane, and indescribably evil. Mexican people are in fear and the most we need right now is hope, is love, but most importantly are the stories of brave women that no matter what are willing to take the bull by the horns and never give up.

One of my admired women heroines is under constant threat of death by ruthless drug cartels that have already murdered her colleagues but this women—Director of a weekly magazine Zeta, refuses to stop writing about Mexico’s violence. With courage she struggles to cover escalating violence in Tijuana.

Navarro has not just written about local stories of crime, but has actually done investigative work that the local police wouldn’t dare to undertake. When her Zeta editor was slain, she called for the reopening of investigation of ex-Tijuana mayor Jorge Hank Rhon (presumed murder), but was outraged to the early release because of lack of evidence. Immediately after his release Zeta published, “Hank is not absolved” to criticize that after 88 illegal weapons were seized, justice was not met with Hank’s release. The overwhelmingly popular release made there website collapse!! Zeta devoted 18 pages to the investigation of the ex-mayor. “Everything is there. He is a suspect in everything from money laundering, drug cartels and murders. In 23 years as mayor nobody has investigated him!” (International Women’s Media Foundation)

While Mexican police refuses to investigate these types of cases, well just leave it to BRAVE WOMEN that have the guts to cover the drug wars, that have the guts to just NOT BE AFRAID. She believes that if journalists don’t report what is going on in Mexico—then they too are guilty for becoming accomplices. Navarro is sending the message that not only are Journalist becoming accomplices but EVERYONE in Mexico, all of the people that don’t take stand to say STOP!! Navarro proclaims, “I don’t understand self-censorship in Mexico. I don’t understand why reporters are afraid. If you’re not reporting on what is happening you are an accomplice to these people,” said Navarro Bello, whose 60-person staff is 60 percent women. “We have the right to freedom of speech in a democratic country like Mexico.” (International Women’s Media Foundation)

As a woman, Navarro realizes the many dangers that she is in, but she also knows that there is much support out there for her work—after learning that she received the 2011 Courage in Journalism Award—she felt that she wasn’t alone, that there are many allies out there and that this is important for the people of Mexico to know the truth about the people that are hurting society! Navarro said. “We go everywhere and cover everything. We won’t remain silent.” Gracias Adela Navarro Bello!

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