Noorjahan Akbar is a 19 year old very different from girls her age, and even more women her nationality. Born in Afghanistan this young visionary has a lesson to teach not only to her country but also to the whole world. Akbar was fortunate to receive education and passionate enough to make the most of it. When the Taliban entered Afghanistan her family moved to Pakistan where she learned English and acquired computational skills. The family moves back to Afghanistan in 2001 and starts a center for 400 women to teach the English language.

This pro-active social influence on Akbar was about to show at a really early age, after have earning scholarships to study two years of high school in US the young woman travels home one summer to study Afghan folk music, being as smart and involved as she is was just probably natural she would get her self to collaborate in Ashraf Ghani’s liberal campaign against president Harmid Kazai. Akbar declared even though they knew Ghani wasn’t going to win, this was a major deal for Afghanistan; a new mindset was spreading. Akbar also created “Voices of Hope” an institution where she supported orphans with writing creativity and encourage them to express themselves, even creating a book of 6 kids histories.

In April of 2011 Akbar started her most important and ambitious project, the Young Women for Change. This institution gathers volunteers to improve Afghans women by empowering them to take participation in politics, economics and every aspect of their society promoting also gender equality.

Noorjahan Akbar is an amazing example of what determination can really do, at that short age she has accomplished more than most women ever do, and apart of her obvious outstanding skills, it only takes the courage of actually get the job done and applying our selves in order to make a difference.


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