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Sunitha Krishnan is the founder of Prajwala, which is an anti-trafficking organization based on the need of women and children that are victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Ms. Krishnan was a victim of sexual violence herself, and with her organization has been able to rescue more than 3,000 women and children from sexual servitude in India, sometimes in extremely abusive conditions. Prajwala is trying to work with the government and citizen organizations to restore the lives of these women and children through rehabilitation.

Sunitha Krishnan is a fearless woman that everybody must know about. It takes courage and determination to dedicate a whole life to eradicate this nightmare that thousands of human are experiencing, and that actually she has experienced at first hand. Many people don’t understand how severe and common this problem can be. But it is extremely important for people to acknowledge the reality.

From all the work she’s done, she explains that she has met many children all below the age of 14yrs trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation and rescued. “What was common in all their stories was a father who raped at the age of 4yrs or a brother who molested or an uncle who forced to have oral sex. Incest and dysfunctional families was the common background all these children came from. These children had no scope to escape as they had no information or access to any other support system beside their own families.” So, what can we do? The easiest answer is Nothing, and is probably the most accepted one. These kids are forced within their own families, so they basically can’t receive help until after they have already been a harmed. Is there a way to avoid this? I want to think there is a solution, a way these innocent kids can have access to other support groups before they get affected.

I encourage all the readers to read Sunitha Krishnan’s blog where you can become acquainted on the real issue victims are going through. It is an unfortunate reality, but a check point for many people that think that time will fix everything, when really what will fix this is people who take action, people like Sunitha Krishnan who had the strength to overcome their own personal misfortune to help people under same circumstances or, even better, people who haven’t experienced it at all thanks to her help and prevention.

With the help of her co-founder, Bro Jose Vetticatil, Prajwala have implemented an organized plan of intervention in India which include: Prevention, Rescue, Rehabilitation, Reintegration, and Advocacy. For all these efforts in the anti-trafficking Ms. Krishnan has been awarded Stree Shakthi Puraskar(national award), Perdita Huston Human Rights Award and the World Of Children Award.