By Whitney-Lea Simpson and Jessica Musulin.

On Friday the 16th of March we gave a presentation of our Action Plan on how to implement change in our area of Brisbane, Australia. We feel that our presentation went smoothly and it was well received by our classmates. The details for our presentation were as follows:

ACTION! Statement

In Australia, there is a lack of awareness of international initiatives, such as the UN MDG #3 and CEDAW, to combat the current disparity between men and women. Australia has also fallen behind many European countries, with a lack of women in high leadership positions, and a need for more understanding as to how to fix this issue. Foremost, we believe that there is a lack of groups of facilitate discussions about these pressing problems.

Therefore, we plan to host in event to raise awareness about the UN MDG #3, CEDAW, women’s rights and women’s leadership. We will have speakers focusing on three core issues: women in business, politics and education. We believe that this is an achievable goal, as it allows us to utilise our resources and focus our attention to our university and local community. 

Implementing our plan

Firstly, we plan to utilise our resources in achieving our goal – that is, making the most of our contacts and connections. Jessica has friends in the Griffith University Women’s Association (GUWA) who would be more than happy to help us organise this event. She is also on the executive on the United Nations Student Association (UNSA), who are also willing to help. 

Jessica also have numerous contacts in Australian political parties, which is useful for the purposes of getting guest speakers. She also is very familiar with the process of obtaining funding from Griffith University for events like this.

Whitney studies social entrepreneurship, and therefore knows experts on this issue, which is also useful for the purposes of getting guest speakers. She is also involved in various community groups with members who would be able to speak at this event.

Our event will be hosted at our university sometime within the next four months. As stated, the event will be in conjunction with the GUWA and UNSA, as well as guests from political parties and community groups. We will obtain sponsorship from the university and have catering provided. We will also obtain donated prizes for the purpose of having a raffle to raise money for a women’s organisation or charity.

We believe this event will raise awareness of the UN MDG #3, CEDAW and women’s leadership in the community, as well as increase the networks for female students at our university. This event will also provide us with an ability to identify students at our university interested in women’s development and leadership, and a chance to encourage students to develop their own women’s development initiatives.