This project aims to create an awareness of the possibility of raising the welfare of society in our community through full employment of women, as an inalienable right of every woman in a free and democratic society, to have decent jobs and generate an income.


Mexico faced in recent years the social and economic consequences of the dynamic growth of insecurity and poverty. Our proposal is aligned in the pursuit of poverty reduction.

Women who suffer from domestic violence and are economically dependent on their husbands have limited options to overcome this situation, which is exacerbated by the lack of education to get a job that allows them to meet their needs and those of their children. We propose self-employment as a solution.

In the current situation, female self-employment has become a vital alternative work activity and their stability depends on a high percentage of the workforce. Self-employed women, in addition to the difficulties of self-employment, the derivatives have to reconcile family and professional life, motherhood and lack of strength of this group in the defense of their rights as workers.

Our goal is to empower and motivate women to generate self-employment with our guidance and advice.

The employment of women and the hours spent outside the home are very important not only in the sense that detract from attention to their home but also as an active presence in society and family. Thus, employment of women must be designed so that it may face family responsibilities; so that society can deal with the lack of values, that in a large extent, has resulted in family breakdown.


This work purposes is to create an awareness of the possibility of raising the welfare of society in our country through full employment of women, as a right of every woman, in a free and democratic society, to have decent jobs that generates money.

Our mission is to prepare women to become strong and independent as a work force. Guide them into discovering what they would like to accomplish, and help them create a business plan.


Our vision is to have women create an effective business plan; developing it at a business incubator, and generating a success rate of 15%.

This project will:

  • Create a flat salary occupational and slow the growth of poverty.
  • Raise and maintain a level of aggregate demand with a multiplier effect in
  • the economy and public finances.
  • Produce goods and services to boost social welfare
  • Enhance the culture of self-employment, as a substantive basis for social productivity improvement
  • Combating gender inequalities
  • Combating illegal immigration
  • Involve families, from the perspective of women, work ethic and to education.

The program we are creating is one that unites women from the institute of women in Monterrey to get together and create a financial plan in order to create a business. We will get together for three Saturdays and work on a series of steps to develop a business from the bottom. Teaching these women is our first priority therefore we will create a plan which teaches them from different business areas that they don’t have, therefore they can succeed in the future with our help. We guide them as mentors, through workshops and lectures that will increase their confidence and make them independent.

Our plan revolves around three that we will work on different Saturdays.

First we will teach them about self-esteem and motivation to help them gain confidence in themselves. We would also bring in a psychologist who would help us to understand them so we can explain in a way they can relate.

Second, we would teach them about the empowerment of women by setting examples of successful women or by bringing in people who have had a positive impact in different fields.

Last, we would talk about self-employment and creating a business plan. We would analyze all the plans and choose the best to take to the incubator so we can develop it with our support and by check once a month to see if it is following through.

We would help guide those projects that are not chosen because of weak ideas o make them strong and to then in a future take it to the institute of women to compete with others. Also, to the department of economic development of Nuevo Leon so they can have the opportunity to search for more supporting statements that are then realized by the department of microfinance’s that creates projects.