What is Women With Initiative? 

After taking a ten day leadership course and learning about the disparity between men and women leaders in business, politics, and education we came up with an initiative to promote women leaders, specifically in business. It is our hope to promote women leadership programs, business associations, and networking opportunities. In addition to raising awareness we wanted to take a grassroots approach and implement a summer program that will allow high school girls to build their entrepreneurship skills by taking business class that can be transferred into college credits upon graduation. 

Mission Statement 

To help young women transition from high school students to business/entrepreneurship majors in college and to promote women and leadership within our University. Women with Initiative seek to increase the amount of women CEO’s and business owners through education, partnership and creating awareness.

Two Part Implementation

1)    Educate/Create

  • Information Tables— Promote GLP, Women’s Business Center, Promote Women With Initiative
  • Presentations – Garner support from professors in Maryland, women college students & high school teachers and students with presentation to these individual entities.
  • Form a Women Professor Think Tank— Create a team of university professors and high school teachers who can assist WWI in creating an interactive curriculum for the WWI summer program
  •  Form a Women With Initiative Advisory board—Made up of college students, college professors, high school teachers in order to help create curriculums for this program.


2)    Implement

  • Summer Program–Form a summer business mentorship program for high school girls in order to teach them business skill such as finance, accounting, economics, & entrepreneurship and foster an entrepreneurial mind set.

Below is a video about some issues that women with small business face, it is our hope that with our program we can raise more awareness and help address these issues: