“Behind every great man there is a great woman.  And behind every great nation there are a lot of great women.”

How many people are worried about what kind of shoes they will wear tomorrow?

Hoe many people are worried about rise money to help to a Breast Cancer Association or empower women to be better leaders?

What is the problem that many women and men are facing in the University setting today?

University students often follow stereotypes about the roles of men and women in society; many women lack the skills to be independent.  Men and women sometimes don’t even realize the truth that a problem actually exists, and some women don’t often see that it is within their reach to be accomplished, successful, ambitious, and independent.

On March 16th, Sarah and me presented our project to empower women both United States and México. We decided to create an association called “Mujeres con Alas/Women with wings”. Our mission is that this student association will give the tools to young university women and men to change their cultural mindset by identifying the leader in themselves, their passion, and their capacity they have to be independent and lead alongside.


  • Provide women with the tools necessary to defend themselves, their dignity, their ideas, and their voice
  • Develop women’s leadership skills and styles
  • Promote independent thinking in women
  • Promote inclusion of men in making a change towards gender equality
  • Re-educate both women and men to form a partnership in all aspects of their lives.

Tools and Resources: 

  • Through connections in both Mexico and Texas, we plan on forming “Sister Organizations” which keep in close contact with each other to facilitate a support system which enables the empowerment of women through both the eyes of women and men.  We plan to maintain close contact between the two associations to implement different ideas, programs, workshops, and compare results to see in which areas would be beneficial to improve.
  • At each University (Tarleton State University and the University of Monterrey) we will have a faculty mentor to help us establish, promote, maintain, and improve the successfulness of Women with wings/Mujeres con Alas.
  • We will have sponsors to assist in creating events and activities.
  • The incorporation of students from all different majors will provide varying perspectives to create an organization that is multi-disciplinary and effective for all students.


  1. Conferences
    1. Breast cancer awareness
  • Two speakers:  Doctor and Breast Cancer Survivor
  1. Disney Princesses Taking a Stand
  • Speaker:  Author of “Mordiendo Manzanas y Besando Sapos”
  1. “Know Yourself”
  • Speaker:  Gynecologist
  1. Emotional Intelligence
  1. Dating Relationship Violence Awareness
  • Violence-o-meter
  • How do you know when you are being affected by violence in a relationship?
  1. Events
    1. Participate in Relay for Life
    2. Multi-disciplinary event with categories like arts, sports, literature, science, cooking, music, etc.
  • Students donate money to their favorite competitor of every category.  All donations go towards Breast Cancer Associations.
  1. Promotion
    1. Posters around campus:

“Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things”:  women students around campus who have made a difference in any way.


  • Combatting gender stereotypes
  • Recruitment of both students and sponsors
  • Fundraising
  • Establishment of organization

We need women and men that work together to obtain better results. We do not want that man was the shadow of the woman and vice versa; if we want a change, we need to start to do something, we cannot just wait for the changes.

“Let your dreams be the wings that help you to fly.”

Olga Garcia and Sarah Snyder.