Leadership exCHANGE is very excited to welcome our students to the 2-week intensive Social Entrepreneurship course in Rome, Italy! The course is part of our Global Leadership Program and runs August 1-15. This year’s course includes 10 students from 4 different countries: Mexico, USA, Australia, and Panama!  We also have with us 8 students for the 2-week Human Rights and International Security course. These students are from Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, and Australia.

In our Social Entrepreneurship course we explore the concept of social entrepreneurship and examine the innovators and visionaries who are creating new approaches to solve today’s problems.  Students will also design an original blueprint for social innovation.  Since social entrepreneurship is still a relatively unknown concept to many, we hope these blogs will inform and engage you!  As you see in our class, we are also “wrestling” with many of the concepts! Stay tuned for more!  You can also find out more information about Leadership exCHANGE and our Global Leadership Programs at http://www.globalleaders.info