In the process to become social transformative agents, we hope the right time to face a problem and try to solve it, however, prepared to act or not, we are forced to do it one day. The example I give today has much to do with a point of obligation to take action and determination.
In the early 90’s, there was the war in Sarajevo. This conflict affected the lives of people from different nationalities and ages. One of those affected was an 11 year old girl named Zlata Filipovic, who began writing her experience in a diary which she called Mimmy, without even imagine the impact her words would have. Because of the impression of her life written, she was able to leave the country to tell her story.
It is from the rising of her voice, that she understood the importance of children is heard in armed conflict, that their history be known. Thereafter, Zlata concluded studies on peace and saw how to influence the creation of international mechanisms to enable the children to have the minimum basis for a fulfilling childhood: the absence of war.
Among the labors that Zlata has done on behalf of children are: a diary compilation of children during the war (“Stolen Voices”), creating NYPAW (Network for Young People Affected by War) and collaboration with UNICEF.
Today, her efforts have focused on education for peace, the pursuit of justice and an international urge to the governments of States to prevent armed conflicts and the involvement of children in them.
Examples like this are the less and the problems in the world are still going on, so we could make a cuestion to ourselves: What is the best moment to take action?