In many countries, the poverty is a very serious problem, it causes hunger, lack of health and education, among other things.


José Alberto Llaguno was a Jesuit bishop who went to the Sierra Tarahumara on the 80´s and saw all the needs they had so he took the commitment to help them not by giving them food, but by teaching them new skills to make their lives better.

José Alberto’s brothers, Juan and Rodrigo Llaguno, founded the “Fundacion Tarahumara José A Llaguno” after he died of cáncer in 1991, with the commitment to continue helping the Sierra Tarahuara as his brother did until his last days.


“The Foundation seeks tirelessly with the community, solutions to counter the conditions of poor nutrition, lack of access to education and health, and poverty and extreme marginalization experienced by about 270,000 indigenous and mestizos that integrate different communities in the Sierra Tarahumara.”


This really inspires me because now i believe people can improve their way of living, and also people from my own country is doing something about it instead of being selfish, but the way of doing things says a lot too, because sometimes people can just focus on giving but not the way its given.

Sustainability is the most appropriate way to perform an action, as this way you ensure that your project will not last only a few months or years, but transformed into a way of life in the long run that it will improve the living conditions of the most important areas of these communities


I am making a commitment not only to my community, but to my entire country, to create real change in the world with this sustainable ways so every community can have health, education and welfare.


“I am a slave to my dreams, thoughts, and ideas” – (Sherman, S)


Claudia Ramirez.