In today’s business enviorment, many people do not associate such words as “renewable”, “fair trade”, or “sustainability” to name a few, with business and entrepreneurship. A lot of people believe that to be an entrepreneur you have to be an opportunist, one who only looks out for their own self interest and cares very little about the interests of others. However, these words actually do share a common purpose, that of making a difference in the world.

The term social entrepreneurship is in essence, the purist form of entrepreneurship. Many businesses have now included such phrases as “we look to change the world and support or community” into their mission statements. SHowing a shift from corporate responsibility to also social responsibility. In its more basic definition, a social entrepreneur is someone who incorporates actions that will address an problem they recognize as imperative and address that issue in their business model. These businesses do have to be completely exclusive to that issue, but they incorporate those issues into their business decisions. They use their entrepreneurial skills, such as big picture thinking and an ability to take risk to tackle problems and tackle them in ways that have not yet been used or used effectively. Entrepreneurs use their skills of problem solving to address issues, whether these issues or socially concious or not.

Social Entrepreneurs can use their socially innovative ideas to generate a profit. They use the same resourcefulness and efficiency practices as any other business but they use the product of those resources to do something that truly makes a difference in the world. The drive that is usually associated with entrepreneurship is present even more so in social entrepreneurs. The obstacles and difficulties of tackling some of the worlds biggest issues is constant and requires an enormous amount of passion and commitment to your idea.

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