How many times have you see something that make you realize that there´s something wrong on what you just saw? It can be something so common as looking a homeless person asking for money on the streets or watching a documentary on TV about the worlds hunger. A lot of people have lived this experience before, but how many have really take into consideration to do something about it. Not all the people feel so inspire and convince that they can make a difference. The desire of doing something and facing all this worlds problem may seem to difficult to solve that they are not willing to try to make a change. People often think that giving money to charity is enough for helping the world, but it is not about money, it turns out the best way to fight all this issues is manpower.

New social entpreneurs are often inspire by a moment of obligation. That moment when you open your eyes and become  aware that there is too many thing that need to be solved and that is actually happening really close where you are. Don´t think that only the biggest issues are somewhere far away from where you live. People need peoples help and it can be anywhere.  Not all the people feel so confortable of starting to put into actions their ideas specially when it comes to solve this kind of problems. The fear of rejection often comes up to their mind, thinking that nobody will support their idea, leaving behing that moment where they saw the need of help it is not that important.

Real social entrepreneurs are problem solvers, their creativity to find a solution to something they really care about is so big that somehow they will find a way to gather people to support them in order to achieve what they are persuing. I always being told that everything starts small, which I totally agree, but is up to you on how fast you want your idea to develop, grow and expand to more people.

One of the main obstacles a SE (Social Entrepreneur) faces is start an organization that can be totally sustaintable. Usually their movement is so convincing but when it comes the time to stablish their idea into a formal organization money will become an issue. There´s so many ways to get money from charity, foundations, donators, but the bes way to keep on going with their purpose is to build a financial business plan in order to get funding for their puropose. This is usually confuse on getting a profit with the organization but one thing for sure is that every organization need to know where is all the money going to come from in order to be kept alive and continue persuing their main purpose. A lot of SE will have a great idea on how to make a change on the world but will never think in how their going to sustain themselves, and when it comes to this part of the process they began to struggle because they never thought about this part of the process

Please once you come up to an idea as a social entpreneur consider the needs and problems that you will face sooner or later:

After analyzing this you will be ahead to any other issues that you will face on the process of becoming a successful SE