I should begin with the background problem…Children and teenagers living in poor communities in Nuevo Leon Mexico, are more likely to be attracted by gangs and cartels; with the motivation of getting easy money, they will probably drop school and get involved in delinquency and crime.

One CREATIVE and innovative solution is to use ARTS as a means of changing attitudes, reduce poverty and keep these kids away from violence.

What is my IDEA?

This belief in arts is the main reason for creating PRISMA Escuela de Artes, a school for children with no resources where they can find the opportunity to develop their talents and skills with the art they love, in a safe and healthy environment. PRISMA is the acronym for the main pillars of this institution for the Spanish words of: Passion (pasión), Laughter (risas), Innovation (innovación), Dreams (sueños), Movement (movimiento) and Art (arte). This name also symbolizes a prism of color, in which the figure represents the children, the light is art, and the colors are the result of creativeness and the diversity of opportunities they will have in their future.

Why do I believe in arts, especially in dancing?

Imagine yourself in a ballet class, try to imitate the first position in this image:

At first, it may not seem that difficult right?, but then, suddenly your teacher comes up to you and start saying “keep your back straight, rotate from the femur, stretch your knees, close your rips, lower your shoulders, look to the front, and smile”… it’s not that simple anymore right?

I believe in dancing, because with just one position, a person will experience to pay attention, to listen, accept corrections, do some effort, to try again and to be patience, interesting right? But that’s not the end of the story, now imagine that you practice all of these habits every day for one year, then you’re going to begin to notice the HIDDEN BENEFITS, yes, benefits that come along with dancing such as discipline, order, obedience, dedication, perseverance, constancy and improvement.

Let’s DANCE!, How does PRISMA works?

Now that we are talking about ballet, let me tell you that in order to PERFORM SUCCESSFULLY onstage, a dancer must dominate the main five ballet positions; well PRISMA also has its main five steps in order to perform successfully and help the children.

What are the results?

PRISMA wants their students:

  • To improve their grades in school by helping them with tutoring as part of their daily activities.
  • To have a healthy mind and body, by providing them a daily meal and medical, nutritional and psychological checks.
  • To learn about the art they love and feel passionate.
  • To develop perseverance, effort, discipline and order as life habits.
  • To be supported by their parents.
  • To be able to achieve any dream and goal.

Now imagine that the school can reach at least a 50% of the children in poor communities, Nuevo Leon will gain professionals, and those kids would be helping their families with more resources and being the ones that can provide opportunities to other people, then a snowball effect begins, changing people, families and communities.

Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired. Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.

– Martha Graham, pioneer of contemporary dance