The peace, democracy and social development are daily constructions in which we all have (or must have) the opportunity to participate. That is a reality that I have to live everyday in Mexico and could probably be desperate to identify the elements for the construction because sometimes we are looking for fast and easy solutions that give us optimal results.

In the management of a selfish thought we have played social dynamics that separate us of each other and increase the gap between “winners and losers”. We have to fight battles every second so we can keep surviving in this broken world…but what if we could all win?

The creation of Community Builders is rooted in that thinking. We can win and we can make others win. And best of all, we can educate children so they can learn how to win while they are making someone else a winner, recognize the differences and appreciate them as their own. We can start the community building, the peace building, the human rights building, the social development building and many others socializing processes. We can coexist.

“Community builders” tries to give a positive proposal for the problem of violence that now has reach us and take us farther from the ideal society. It is about educate the democratic social leaders that we will need tomorrow and that we are possibly leaving behind today. It is about rescue “them” to rescue “me”, so we will be rescuing “us”. We need to build an “us”.

How can it be done? Through the use of tolerance and respect as our major tools. It is not an easy education but it has to be done if we want to survive. As a natural process of learning, in this proposal will be used the cooperative games methodology translated in three principal programs taken to communities that live a vulnerable violent situation. Do you want to join us?