What if someone that you were close to had a heart attack in front of you? What would you be able to do other than call an emergency number? These are the questions that too many individuals cannot answer. My social entrepreneurial venture hopes to reform health education so that the generations to come are prepared for such situations. I hope to make CPR and first aid mandatory for incoming freshman on the university level and then those students would form organizations that would propose to regional school districts if they can append their health education curriculum to include CPR and first aid training. These are essential.

            The reason why the need for such a program is so great is because there are 383,000 out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests annually and 88% of them occur in home. What is even more horrifying is that 95% of those that suffer from sudden cardiac arrest die before ever reaching the hospital. If you think that what you do in those few minutes don’t matter, then think again, it’s actually predicted that a person’s survival rate drops 7-10% every minute that nothing is done. That gives them about 10 minutes before the likelihood of survival is practically nothing.

            As a child I experienced a traumatic event when one of my own family members had a heart attack before my eyes. I was completely shocked that I could do nothing but stand there. I saw how one of my other family members administered CPR and if he had not done so right away then they would not have survived. I consider that person one of my heroes. Ever since then I made sure that I would never be put in a position of helplessness. I got the proper training and I believe everybody needs to do the same without the burden of cost. In the end, the goal is universal and that is to save lives. This is what this initiative hopes to do and your support would be greatly appreciated.