In 2006 I started working with rural communities. The first thing that always strikes me by getting out of the bus is all the cardboard, glass, PET bottles and metal scrap all around the streets, houses and schools. I have come to realized how far aside we have been letting those communities away and specially I have learned that the distance between us is not only physical, but mentally too. In 2009, a project came into the mind of my SIFE University team ( Érika Duarte and I spent days and nights developing the structure of a program that is called nowadays: “Ecological Finances”, which in a few words is a financial literacy and an environmental awareness program.

The program has been implemented in the last 4 years and has been improving thanks to the collaboration of different SIFE Universidad de Monterrey members.

Now, I think it´s time to revolutionize the program and make it BIG.

What I propose is the creation of an organization called REED Financiera which works under 3 pillars; Social Responsibility for enterprises, Financial Literacy and Ecological Awareness Program for kids from 8-15 years old and Recycling Materials as income for its sustainability.

Social Responsibility Program- A 3 year program for sponsoring a community/school by donating their recycling material in order to sell them and finance (1) Ecological Finances Workshops and (2) Social Development in the school/ community.

Ecological Finances- A 10 session program that includes (1) Theory (2) Workshops with real life scenarios simulations and (3) Outdoor activities and visits to complement the lessons.

Material Separation, Collection and Recycling- The sustainability of the program lies in the buying and selling recycling material through Recycling Companies.

The idea is to get enterprises, public schools and rural communities to recycle paper, metal, glass and PET. Link them to a recycling company which will pick up the recycling material in exchange for money and finally with that money educate kids in financial and environmental topics through workshops, outdoor activities and real life simulations to build the foundations for a cleaner Mexico and future disciplined, responsible, prepared, citizens.

If you want to learn more about the organization and the hard facts behind it, send an email to: and I will be glad to answer you.