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Question of the day:

What change have you made in your community today, and why does that change matter?

Recently I’ve been accepted into The Women As Change Agents, Global leadership exCHANGE program in Panama and the question I’ve constantly asked myself is the one stated above.  As a young women I persistently think of my place in this world, what I have to offer and can bring to the table that will help others. I believe women hold so much power in this world, but it is sad how little they are recognized and how greatly they are oppressed.

As a survivor of exploitation as a child, I believe that others should never have to go through that. So everyday in my community, I strive to raise awareness about trafficking and other issues affecting women. After attending my first class in the program yesterday and doing reading last night about women in our world; I really wanted to understand why women are placed on a lower scale than men and why women don’t hold more positions in leadership roles, when we are so greatly fit to do so.

Did you know that the United States of America ranks in the top 70% of Women in World Rankings. This ranking involves the way in which women hold higher positions in politics. Rwanda is the top ranking, and the main reasons why they are top ranked is because people don’t want the genocide to repeat itself. What fascinated me the most about this fact is that America (Where I am from), constantly holds itself to a higher standard than other countries. We portray ourselves as the land of the free and everyone is suppose to be living the American dream; but what about the women in our country?!

Women are the experts, speakers, and the leaders of tomorrow. However, how can we be the experts, speakers and leaders if we are discriminated against? Power means “To be able” but that is not plausible if there are underlining factors/bias  stopping us from doing so.

In the world globally, I believe the biggest issues facing women is the way in which they are treated. The way they are being treated at home, in the workplace, and in their societies. Women are not seen as being equal, so because of that they aren’t treated with respect or with rights.

By not treating women as equals, this in turn results in big issues like modern day slavery, child marriage, gender based violence and more. Human trafficking is the 2nd largest illegal global business in the world today. 80% of victims, who are girls, are sold for sexual exploitation. If the world continues to treat women unequally to men, when women so greatly contribute to making this world a better place, it will be very difficult to abolish the issues that face women on a daily basis. 

So question of the day:

What change have you made in your community today, and why does that change matter? Start with how you treat women!

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