“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” (Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Currently women are in an environment where the process of discrimination against women has been actively fighting by women leaders and daring, leaving extreme discrimination of women as strong as before, but still is present in our society. By attending this program, each of us are doing our bit to keep fighting this problem, this program is definitely a great initiative and idea to be carried out every year to prepare and motivate women.

The study of women as a change agent will give us the opportunity to become that change, giving us the skills through education to empower us, and spread all the knowledge that we will get to guide other women, to encourage them, to empower them.

In Mexico, recently there have been important changes in the role of Mexican women in different aspects such as greater integration into education, the labor market, and access to health care, participation in politics and among many other aspects. (INEGI, 2012), however there are still issues to be covered within Mexican society to reach that total gender equality is sought. It is important to mention that Mexico became part of CEDAW since 15 March 2002.

The world today needs women to join together and fight against this gender discrimination, be brave women and break the protocol of “Good girls don’t brad” which bragging has become a necessity, not a choice, BE YOURSELF, show to the world your achievements and believe in you; if you believe it so they will.

It’s our time, it’s the time where women should prepare ourselves, through programs like WACA as enriching as we can to enable us to promote and guide other women to form an army and completely end with the discrimination against women.

Now I can tell you about this amazing experience that I’m currently leaving; one thing that sticks on my mind is from Michelle Bachelete, Executive director of UN WOMEN “BASTA YA!” Those simples words made me personally be even prouder of be a woman and start with all my energy this program and feeling so happy and blessed to have this opportunity of empower myself and try to spread it as much as I can in my country and around the world helped by all this great people, the girls who are experiencing the program with you.

The world is for women now; men already had the opportunity to make the change and they didn’t so now it’s our time! I invite you to lose the fear, to dream, to believe, to be the change.

I share you a video of Michelle Bachelete; an amazing and inspirational woman with a great message for you:

More information: Women persuing Leadership and power.


Author: Melissa Méndez Rodriguez

Women as a change agents, Panamá.

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