It is truly remarkable how women have surmounted such great obstacles in the past century.  In the US in 2011, women earned more college degrees than men, for the first time ever.   I think this fact supports the notion that women are evolving and growing, and so is their apparent value in society.  Their recent presence in politics, government, and large corporations is growing, and this is promising for future generations of women. Women are achieving greatness, and more needs to be doing to promote this change and encourage women to make a difference.

Why study women as change agents? Women are making a name for themselves. Women are more educated. They are making positive changes all over the globe. The history they are making needs to be known and continually studied for more positive growth to occur. We study past and potential history of many male figures, and it’s even more important we include the many amazing achievements of women as well.

In my opinion women bring forth a unique dynamic, something not always evident in males. Women are feeling creatures.  They tend to show more emotions. This used to be viewed negatively, and why many felt that women had no place in leadership roles and positions. In my opinion, many of the issues facing our countries need more compassion & a deeper understanding than just raw facts. Women can be the “change agents” in these situations. They can bring all their courage and strength to current problems or issues, and can implement a strategy that can make a significant difference.  Their capabilities surpass others as they often have full-time jobs, raise children, and manage a family in many instances.  Their abilities to multi-task and wear so many “hats” is proof of just how truly capable of women are.

It important we grasp the importance of studying the women who lead and promote change. These are present and future role models for the younger generations.  They can demonstrate that women are just as capable, if not more, of great achievements. People must know the opportunities for women are just as endless as they are for men. Young women need to understand that they have a voice, and that they are capable of success in change.

In the United States, women have definitely come a long way. More and more companies are hiring and promoting women to C-suite positions, and other leadership roles within organizations. There is still room for growth, and I see this as an opportunity that still exists for women to move forward. The “glass ceiling” is definitely deteriorating, but there are many inequalities that still exist and should not. Pay scales and opportunities for advancements are still difficult and often unfair. This needs not to improve, but be eliminated. As stated previously, women are earning more degrees than men. They are getting the same education as their male counterpart whose opportunities are seemingly endless.

Women are emerging as leaders in more and more situations. Women´s presence in politics has been a huge implication of the successful attempts at leveraging this difference. Although we still have a long way to go, we are heading in the right direction. Next, we must focus on making these changes emerge in a more timely fashion. It may have taken close to 100 years to get here, but with the proper education, policies, and attempts at making these critical changes: Success is not only acheivable, but inevitable.   

On a global perspective, violence against women is a huge concern. Trafficking women, treating women inhumanely, and domestic violence, are often the issues we hear of. This is where women, who have the resources to do so, can really make a difference. We need to address the issues and educate these people. We need to spread the importance and value of women in general. Women need to be at the forefront of change, if change is to occur. It has to begin somewhere.Image