Through the history, (apparently) women does not appear more as much does the man as change agents, this has been because of the spirit of the time, it has been a fight for women to have a voice, be heard and consider by men in important decisions and changes for the nations. Even tough, women are a key factor for making a change in the world, women have an “instinct” of taking care of the people around them, like taking care of a husband or boyfriend, children, parents, and anyone around them. This instinct has worked as a support for men to make changes, also having the responsibility of taking care of children has done that women that “couldn’t” do something for a change encourage this children. Women have worked as key factors for making changes in the world, because they have been the support and encouragement, which men unconsciously have needed.

But there are some other women that have raised their hand, and act for an initiative they believed in, some examples of these women are:

Rosa Parks, who believed in the equity of people no matter their skin color, all people should be treated as equals; she fought against people who believed the contrary even it was not easy being a black women in that time.


Mother Teresa, who helped poor people, sick people, and orphans from India during more than 45 years, at the same time that she was leading the expansion of her congregation.


Nowadays I believe women do not have an “excuse” of making a change, because times have changes, and things are easier, many women around the world have fought for the women’s rights, and now the situation is easier for women, but unfortunately this is only in some countries, there are still some countries in which the women does not make valid the women’s rights.

This can be seen in different scenarios like in the work world for example in Mexico happens that in a same company and same job position, women gain less than men, just because they are women. But there are some other scenarios rougher where young girls get married not by her decision but because of her family make the deal with the man who will pay a tribute to the family to be able to marry the girl.

I believe the most important issue facing women in my country and the world is to have that strength in ourselves and believe in us to make a change, first of all believe we can make it, because if women do not believe in their selves, it would be harder for them to achieve goals. It’s a pretty task hard to make a change, but from where everywoman is she can make a change in her surroundings.

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