Masha Gessen

Is the “first” Russian journalist as she said to be blacklisted by the Russian president Vladimir Putin, she has been threatened in many ways, that has attempt even to her life. Despite this, Masha Gessen decided to published a book “The man without a face” where she take courage to talk about another face of the president, describing him as a man who appears to be a grudge-driven mass murderer and extortionist.

I decided to choose this woman, because I particularly think that politics is one of the most difficult environments where women can´t take control. Actually the participation in politics during years is being really low around the world, even when the percentage has increased year by year.  The case of Masha Gessen is for me very admiring because if I put myself in her shoes I really don’t imagine being threatened by someone that actually if a public figure and not only that, is the person with most power in the country, to be exact the president of Russia. Russia a country that has also being in complicated political situations before having a democratic system; nowadays some journalist said is not democratic at all, rather it is a fake democracy that mixes authoritarianism with nationalism.

What about Masha Gessen? How does she is being trying to make a change? In my opinion she is just being brave and fighting for her rights, the right to speak a loud about what she think, expressing her opinions about politics, the right to be a woman and be respected, the right to defend herself if someone has been threatened her. She is just being an example for those who have also suffered from this kind of violence that only makes some women being afraid of being themselves and being powerless.

Masha Gessen in my opinion is being very perseverance, brave and strong. I cannot imagine being persecuted and even living with the fear that someone can hurt you. There have been some similar cases in Russia about other journalist that were even killed and disappeared, and not only in Russia, I know some cases in Mexico that really scared me but that should not influence more of the limits of respect, tolerance and liberty of expression. I think that’s why many women should follow the example of Masha Gessen, a women who has not being afraid of a man, a very powerful man, and who has take courage and has not keep silence.

Here is a brief of the book of Masha Gessen:

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