Now a days there are many issues that the whole world is facing, and also many of us who are not do anything about it. Rosi Orozco, considered one of the 150 Fearless Women. Telling you a little background of his trayectory Rosi became a congresswoman in México since 2009, as well as president of the Special Commission Against Human Trafficking, which she´s been working to stop the human slave trade and at the same time encouraging other politicians to take a stand (The Daily Beast, 2012).

Everything starts after making a trip to Washington knowing more about the problem of human trafficking, Rosi was able to open his eyes beyond reality, turning to see the need that was going on around and hold hands to the work. In my own opinion is interesting how she was sensitive to this problem and how when she arrived to his country took the initiative to face this problem.

I admire the social working of Rosi Orozco, first because she is a woman leader in my country, with courage and fearless, also because México is the second country ranked in human traffic stated by the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) stating that “Mexico ranks second worldwide after Thailand with more trafficked victims” (Milenio, 2012). Worldwide there are statistics that shows that women’s participation in politics is very minimum in relation to Men, Rosi is part of that percentage of women who challenge those fears, who are dissatisfied with the reality that currently lives and do not stay idly having the ability to dream and inspire others through their leadership and commitment, reaching its goal becoming a change agent in their own environment and society.

In the following link I like to share you a video that Hechos AM interviewed Rosi Orozco initiative, Human Traffic Comision:

Also there are many important news and updates about her work:

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