“Don’t detach yourself from society! As a journalist, I must listen to society, particularly when it is voiceless, when it is victim to governments or criminals. The political, economic and social actors sometimes forget about the societies in which they live. May they never.” Adela Navarro Bello


I chose Adela Navarro Bello because If there’s a word that represents her is precisely “fearless”.

Mexico according to the National Press Institute (IPI) is in the third position of most dangerous country in the world for communication and journalism task, having in the last 7 years more than 40 journalists killed (more than Afghanistan and Iraq). So the tendency in Mexican journalism is the self-censorship; it had increased because of the climate of violence and insecurity, however there is a big exception to the practice of it, and this is Adela Navarro.

It is important to mention that she is the general director of Zeta magazine, which aims to be the voice of the citizens and communicate them the reality of the country, it has risen to fame for practicing risky journalism topics such as organized crime and violence in Mexico,

She is also the only Latin-American on the list of 100 global thinkers of the world famous publication “Foreign Policy.” The journalist has been recognized for all her work and temple, in 2010 won the prize awarded by the newsworthy International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF).

She is a woman with conviction, courage and most of all a vision and the passion to accomplish her big goal and inspiration: to help and achieve social justice. She said in an interview with Maria Elena Salinas of Univision “There’s hope, I believe that the situation of Mexico can change” she is a woman that even being so honored and admired by many people, maintains his humility and empathy for society, she said that the recognition of being within 150 bravest women in the world is not only recognition for her but is recognition that make journalism as it is proof that what they do is what society needs and also a recognition of all women that despite the violence experienced in México not give up on journalism and continue forward.

I want to share the interview I mentioned; Univision with Maria Elena Salinas:


More information about this woman leader: The Global Journal



Author: Melissa Méndez Rodriguez.