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Honestly I’ve always been Angelina Jolie’s fan. And it’s beyond her looks or fame. It’s everything that she symbolizes besides everything she does. I consider her a very smart and intelligent woman because instead of just staying there being a very successful and famous actress spending her money to herself and living a luxurious life, (not that she doesn’t live well enough), she uses all that power and work and energy to do something –or a lot- for the world.


In my opinion, she exemplifies a Woman as Change Agent because she is totally and completely a leader. And she is a woman. Using all the skills that a good leader can have, and the ones that she does, you become an agent of change .

For more than ten years now, she has been involved in so many charity work, but not only that, she decided to do more and turn it into work and constant, perseverant, non-stopping fight for refugees, children and more people.

She has adopted kids from around the world and traveled it to continue learnig about the situations the world is going trough and bring more solutions.

She is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations and High Commissioner for Refugees Besides she uses her donations, fame, and money to build clinics and schools in Kenya, Ethipioa and Afghanistan.


Some of her most notable qualities that make her who she is and by that stand out from everybody else and do so well what she does, are determination, kindness, caring, power, intelligence, both intellectual and emotional, but most of all… PASSION.

And that last one I think is the most important of all, because as like Mónica Bilbao said in one of the clasees “if you have passion you have all.” And that is true, passion is the ONE intrinsic motivation that makes you do all that crazy things and think possible all crazy things. And that is what I see in Angleina Jolie. Passion for her causes, passion for her work, for her family, for the world, passion for helping others.