Kah  Walla, a Camaroonian woman who 45 was renowned for her entrepreneurial success and her expertise in management along with he understanding of the development of issues. She used her entrepreneurial success to begin grassroots movements for social change. She dedicated day and night to empower businesswomen in all sectors of industry in Doula, Cameroon, her hometown. In 2008 Kah was recognized by the World Bank as one of the seven women entrepreneurs in Africa for her work in the past 15 years developing an African firm, which offers leadership and management consulting services.

As I was browsing through the list of  “150 fearless women” I read mini biographies of many incredible women who have impacted an ultimately changed their surroundings in amazing ways, however Kah Walla caught my attention for her perseverance, dedication and social awareness. While being incredibly successful as an entrepreneur she noticed it was within her abilities to help her country and to be the change her country needed, besides opening an African consulting firm, Kah Walla ran for presidency proving once again that there are no boundaries limiting bright women and their success.

She exemplifies a Woman as  a Change agent because she has showed time after time that social boundaries are no limit, she became a successful entrepreneur without loosing touch with her roots and used her success to change the realities of women in her country.  She has taught us that if we want a change to occur, we have to be the catalyst for it to happen.