Camila Vallejo Dowling has 23 years old, and as many chilean students, she is fighting for a cause: free quality education. Now Camilla is a graduate of University of Chile, but beyond her obvious charm, she has jeopardized a whole government, and has gone down in history as one of the shapers of an entire student movement never seen before.


With vocation as a leader Camila Vallejo embody the following qualities: speaking clearly and directly, charismatic and truthful. Camila was consolidated as the face of students looking for several years a public university with free quality education and her reviews were not only against the government of Sebastián Piñera for not listening to student complaints, but also she accused other governments of neighboring countries of not having the courage to take charge and make profound changes to the education system.

But what motivated Camila Vallejo to question about higher education in her country?

In Chile, because a reform was installed in 1982, the higher education has to be pay, even in public universities. The point is that in the country half of households have incomes below $ 800, higher education costs up to $ 12,000 annually. Private universities, which greatly expanded enrollments since the 80s, by law must be nonprofit institutions, which has never been observed. The owners of these institutions, which provide over 600,000 enrollment, established property companies to withdraw their profits through the payment of rent and related charges.

At this, Camila could not stay quiet as it is unjust not to have access to a free quality education, and she decided to do something about it. But if we start to analyze ourselves, how many people really get to analyze what is happening around them.

ImageThe answer may alarm you, because there is really a few people who do it, because the easiest option is always to “accept things” and do not question them.

Well Camila Vallejo, simply “did not accept things” and that differences her of other people and makes her a Women as Change Agent because she is looking to make a change in her society from a situation in which a group of people is impaired. Also, being a woman and a young student is an example worthy of emulation because leaders do not have to be people of fifty years and come from a particular country, we as young people, we can start to create a change in our own community. What we need is to first identify a problem, as the young Chilean did, and secondly not accept things for fear of breaking the “status quo”. We are the ones who will build the future of our country and the world, then we must be prepared to meet that challenge. Therefore, we must develop the skills of a leader : clearly and directly speaking, be charismatic, truthful and the most important of all skills for me is to be passionate. This last skill is what will allow us to not give up and keep fighting for our cause, and will become our engine.

So do not be afraid to be different and wonder why things are as they are, because you are a change agent and what is more important is that you are a WOMEN CHANGE AGENT!.


I want to leave you this link so you can find out more about Camila Vallejo and her life as a leader: