Meryl Streep, an American actress who has worked in theater, television, and film.

She has received:

  • 17 Academy Awards nominations
  • 27 Golden Globe nominations
  • 2 Emmy Awards
  • 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • 1 Cannes Film Festival
  • 5 New York Film Critics Circle Awards
  • 2 BAFTA awards
  • 2 Australian Film Institute Award
  • 5 Grammy Award nominations


I believe Meryl Streep is a fearless woman because being a successful woman as she is, it must take courage, discipline, passion, but mostly believing in herself, that she can do whatever she is determined to do. For example she has done different movies in which it’s required to imitate an accent like Danish, Italian, Minnesota accent, and so much others, for acquiring this she had to take the challenge of a new role and make the most of it by developing her acting aptitudes. This is why I selected M. Streep to talk in this blog, because she is an example of a passionate woman.

She exemplifies a Women as Change Agent because even tough she has been so successful as an actress, she has not stopped there, she is an environmental activist and outspoken champion of women and women’s stories. She is a transformative environmental health activist, geothermal energy pioneer, and veggie-pushing mother. Since 1988 she started helping the Natural Resource Defense Council to raise awareness for environmental issues; she realized that humans are self-interested, but there are consequences of being like this. She was conscious that everything you do is going to have and effect sooner or later, so we should do things right at first. Also she has been involved in encouraging other women to know about women who have make a difference in the world, and changing not only what the world expects from women but what women expect from themselves.

More information about M. Streep:

Highlight: Meryl Streep also recognizes the success of other women (another reason for realizing M. Streep is a Change agent!)

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