Who do I admire? It’s a question many people ask themselves at some point of their life. I’ve asked myself this many times, and through time I’ve come up with different answers, but that doesn’t mean I don’t admire them anymore, it’s just a change of the scenery in my life. I think many women can agree with me that there’s one person we never stop admiring: our mothers.

There’s a list of 150 fearless women around the world, each of them worthy of admiring and learning from, but if I had to choose one, it would be Sihem Bensedrine. She’s form Tunisia, where human rights are violated daily. She decided to let people know what was happening, to over come the very controlled media and share real information. She’s a journalist and human rights activist who has worked for over two decades to expose human rights violations in her country and defend freedom of speech. She was constantly being harassed by the government, has been imprisoned for two months, beaten by the police, received threat mail against her and her family and even exiled. But she came back. Now she’s now president of the Arab Working group of Media Monitoring. She exemplifies a women as a change agent mostly because of her passion, confidence and knowledge that se had the power to make a change. She decided to raise her voice over any adversity, and even though there’s a lot way to go, she getting somewhere.Image

Picture retrived from: http://www.demainonline.com/2012/02/10/alerte-sihem-bensedrine-retenue-a-laeroport-dalger/

Before I explain why I admire this awesome woman, even though it’s kind of obvious, let me return to mi first statement about mothers. Women admire their mothers, and I believe that we search similar characteristics on other women, and when we find them, they inspire us. I choose Sihem Bensedrine over so many powerful women because she shares so many characteristics with my mother that I find so admirable. She has this great perseverance and passion that even though she went through some very difficult times, she knew better days were coming; she just had to be strong and continue. She never let someone telling her what to say, even though her family were in danger, which is the hardest thing to move past. She fought for other people’s rights, and she did this only by letting other know of what was wrong. She was educated, smart, and just never let go. This were the biggest characteristics that came to my mind as I read about her, which when I started to think about it, are the ones I really admire from my mom.

I really think that what Sihem Bensedrine did was so risky, and jet, she just did it. She took it. For me, ignorance is what’s putting the world down, people not knowing or not wanting to know what’s wrong. And that’s what she decided to go against, and is just simply courageous and inspiring. This is what I want to do, not being blind to all the needs and make others realize them too. I would like to share this link so you can hear her speak and hopefully you’ll find her as inspiring as I did and share the message she fought so hard to be heard.



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